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Sideboob For Summer!

Sideboob – sweeping the nation! Summer 2010! Do it.

I love sideboob – boobs in general I get pretty excited about. Sideboob is great though because it’s provocative yet subtle at the same time…it’s like the way to meet boys without looking like you’re trying too hard to meet boys…it’s like the hipster version of cleavage, you know? I mean your front view can be all, “hey no big deal, rando, androgynous, cute, bangs, eyelashes, one-of-the-dudes”…but the side view says “party time”, no? Plus it’s got this pervy accidental air about it which is always hot…such that the person seeing it wonders if they are the only one who is seeing it. I mean surely this girl (i.e., you) has no idea that her boobs are like totally hanging out?
I don’t think you have to be super brave to rock the day version of sideboob…as Alexi says here, you just need a cute black lace or perhaps plain black sheer bra. You do need to be a bit brave (drunk?), or daring, or fashion-forward to rock the “nite” version with no bra however. So how about it – are you stoked to rock the day version all summer long?? Are you brave enough to rock the nite version?? Are you the type of hott chick that rocks the nite version during the day?? Would you be jealous and hate on another girl if she were rocking the nite version and guys suddenly seem to think that everything she says is super interesting and funny? Inquiring minds want to know… xx Mr. Newton

Sock It To Me

The summer sock trend is a go here at Mr. Newton…expect to see lots more of it! Here’s sexy Haylee on Lafayette Street…xx

Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Studs and chains and cars on racks…with Josh on Broome Street…


Be A Model…or just look like one!

Stalking the stylish on the street in New York - spring 2010. Amazing amateur or professionally pretty…it really doesn’t matter to me…I love them all! xxx

Paris In The Spring

I ran into Paris at the Hester Street Fair over the weekend. I love how she’s combined a few tough downtown girl touches (denim short shorts with side zips and tooled leather purse), with the almost doll-like delicacy of the rest of her look. Her gorgeous long hair, the antique-looking delicate lace top, the clunky faux-pearl bracelet, the lavender nail polish, and her shoes, are all very boho-chic-Victorian-doll-meets-Picnic At Hanging Rock. (I’m obsessed with Picnic At Hanging Rock.) Her shoes are especially great…the heel is what makes them…so feminine. Ack…adorable!

“Fair” Maidens

My Saturday: went to the Hester Street Fair and shot photos of these pretty and stylish ladies (and dude) that you see below…bought a vintage shirt that I love (short-sleeved button-down navy/white gingham)…bought a great vintage bike that I really love (single speed, coaster brake, royal blue frame with white handlebar grips and white leather seat, made by Sears circa-1970)…moved on to the Opening Cermony sample sale…shot more photos…didn’t buy anything…then wound up at a cute impromptu backyard BBQ at Saturdays surf shop on Crosby Street…on then to a free Ting Tings show for Microsoft with an open bar at a gymnasium in Chinatown…then we rode bikes across downtown to a party at the newly reopened ballroom at the Jane…tacos…home…sleep. This is all in one day mind you. These kind of days actually happen all the time in New York…no kidding. xx

Paper Planes and Celebrity Skin

Mr. Newton was at the Soho Grand for the launch of Paper Planes #03

Style Hunting ’round the World

Style Hunters 1

Style Hunters 2

Hey – if you’re planning to be in Novi Sad, Serbia this weekend (you are going to be there, aren’t you?) my photos are going to be part of an exhibition there called “Style Hunters“. My talented friends Katja and Gunnar will also have their work featured. It’s all going down this Saturday May 15th at the Gallery of Photos, Movies, and Video from 6pm-2am. This exhibition is part of Novi Sad’s annual Museum Night happening that night…a night when museums and art galleries across the city present special exhibitions and keep special late hours…sort of like a Fashion’s Night Out for art lovers. After the Museum Night presentation, the “Style Hunters” exhibition will be traveling to other galleries and cultural centers in Serbia. We’ve all been working hard on this…I submitted 63 photos that I shot in New York, Paris, Stockholm, Tokyo, Sydney, and Milan – some that you’ve seen here on Mr. Newton and some that have never been posted here. I was especially happy to learn today that the Museum Night organizers have shortlisted “Style Hunters” as one of a handful of must-see exhibits on the night! Special thanks to Tanja and her team at UGLED magazine… xx Mr. Newton

Spring Awakening!

It’s spring! It’s spring! It’s…actually sort of grey and cold today.
BUT – as you can see from my recent NYC photos below, we’ve mostly had lots and lots of sunny, warm weather so far this season. Which means lots and lots of sunny street fashion looks on display. I hope you find something here to inspire your own warm weather sartorial choices…or maybe you’ll just find a photo of a cutie who you think is super hot…I’m always as excited about the girls who wear the clothes as I am about the clothes – more so even. I’m heading out shortly to the Two Door show tonight at Bowery Ballroom…more photos and other goodies soon! xx Mr. Newton