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A supermuse…caught in fashion’s web!

Becka on Greene Street in Soho…there’s a great interview with her here
I’ve now shot her photo so often, I think she’s gone beyond muse status for me and is now something else entirely…maybe a supermuse?? That’s like a supermodel but for the street style set. Oh wait hold up – DID I JUST ADD A NEW WORD TO THE FASHION LEXICON?!? Just Googled it…not seeing much…I think I may have! xx Mr. Newton


L’Orange Bleue

Hi – so the other day I’m walking down Broome Street and in the near distance I see this girl coming towards me…I can’t make out exactly what she’s wearing just yet, but it seems to involve bright colors and white sunglasses…neither of which am I a particularly huge fan of…BUT…she catches my eye so I stop on the corner of Broome and Crosby to wait for her, thinking I might shoot her photo. As she gets closer, I see the colors of her outfit…then I’m all, “wait orange and blue…hold on…I’m standing directly across from Cafe L’Orange Bleue right now!” “Excuse me, can I shoot your photo…and could you stand right here please?” haha (Yes – I am easily amused. Still though, what are the chances? I mean even if you stood there all day, what are the chances?? And no, she doesn’t work there.) xx


Masculin, Feminin

Spotted on the street in Carroll Gardens

A Hottie On Howard Street

Sort of like A Nightmare On Elm Street…except much much cuter… xx

Back In The New York Groove

Hey – here are some of my new spring street style photos from New York! If you live here – or plan to visit this spring or summer – you’d better put on your cutest outfit before venturing out. Remember, you never know when you might run into me! haha Just yesterday I was out shooting in the LES, Williamsburg, Nolita, and Soho…xx

In The Trenches

Spring tends to be a blink-and-you-missed-it season in New York. It seems like one minute it’s snowing and freezing cold, then the next minute you’re sweating on the beach at Ditch Plains making plans for a BBQ. Finding days in-between those two extremes? Not so easy. This can be a bummer for those portions of your wardrobe that are neither a parka nor a bikini…like say, a great trench coat. That’s why this spring I’ve been excited that thus far we’ve had some sunny-but-cool days – perfect for everyone to air out all the cute spring pieces that they’ve been wanting desperately to wear all winter. I spotted Shannon on Park Avenue. Isn’t she cute?? xx Mr. Newton

Song Of The Summer?

I know it’s only April 19th but I think we’ve got a good candidate here…

Hurts So Good

Hi – I hope everyone’s Monday is off to a great start! I had inspiration from so many sources over the weekend…fashion music photography movies travel magazines food (the roast chicken at El Malecon!)…I thought I would share a few of my weekend obsessions with you.
Hurts are one of my very favorite groups at the moment. I’ve never heard a modern group that sounds more authentically 80′s – as though they were time-warped from the age of Bronski Beat and Soft Cell. Their self-described “slow disco” sound would have provided the perfect soundtrack to a late night at the Blitz club circa-1982. They’re in the studio currently working on their debut album due out mid-August 2010. You can find “Wonderful Life” and two other great tracks now by clicking on the “Mr. Record Store” link on my sidebar and searching MP3 blogs via The Hype Machine. (Hurts currently have no tracks for sale in the UK iTunes store – where I usually get most of my music.) I’m a bit obsessed with the minimal black-and-white video they made for the track as well!
Oh and speaking of music and video – this weekend I watched Edgeplay: A Film About The Runaways. I’d seen the Dakota Fanning/Kristen Stewart movie (twice) recently and really liked it and wanted to know more about them. I watched “Edgeplay” via Netflix streaming (another obsession)…though if you search on Youtube someone has recently posted it there in like 12 parts. (Actually it’s really hard to find there – search for “Runaways documentary” and you’ll see what I mean. Here’s the link though.)
Finally – though a blogger I may be – my obsession with print and with magazines and with collecting magazines will never end! I spent some serious quality time this weekend with the brand-new self service No. 32 – believe it. xx

Blitz Club Covent Garden

Self Service No. 32
self service photo by Ezra Petronio

Paris Scrapbook

As promised, here are the last of my photos from my March trip to Paris for Fashion Week. A massive post for you guys this time – 124 photos! I hope you enjoy looking at them…I had lots of fun shooting them. Believe it or not, I just started today making preliminary plans to shoot in Europe again next season… xx Mr. Newton