NYFW Street Style…the whole story (Pt. 1)

Slippin’ and slidin’, I made my way across the width and length of a snowy and icy Manhattan during New York Fashion Week. With my camera by my side, I tried to hit as many shows as possible – Wasson, Wang, Rodarte, Marc by Marc, Vena Cava, DVF, Calvin Klein, Jeremy Scott, Katie Gallagher, Mandy Coon – to name a few favorites. While I love seeing the shows (and get so much inspiration from them every season), my main purpose in racing around like a fool all week was to shoot street style photos of as many of the awesomely attired attendees as possible. Yesterday the cool kids over at Refinery 29 featured my photos in their story 20 Top Street Style Looks From Fashion Week. However…you may have noticed if you saw the Refinery piece…they mentioned that I’d sent them over 100 photos. Well they couldn’t feature all 100+ of them of course…but guess what? I asked my editor (his name is Mr. Newton – maybe you’ve heard of him?) and he said I could post ALL of the photos here! So here are 54 of them today…I’ll post at least another 50 tomorrow. No sense in just sitting on them and posting them one at a time – that’s lame. I’ve still got Copenhagen day + night photos to show you guys…I’m leaving next Wednesday for Paris Fashion Week…then there’s Coachella…and spring photos from NYC…and some surprises hee hee. So much stuff going on… xxxx

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Seventh Avenue – 3:55pm

Daphne leaving the Calvin Klein show. I know she has kids and stuff…and to my knowledge she’s not a druggie…but…in many ways, she really is like a modern-day version of Edie Sedgwick. They certainly resemble each other somewhat physically – and she conveys that poor-little-rich-girl-lost-in-the-art/fashion-world vibe that was Edie’s trademark. I couldn’t help but notice the similarities on this day as she was wearing this cool retro-inspired, high-necked, long-sleeved, stripey frock…this look is ready to go from dinner at a posh uptown restaurant to a new art opening downtown. I’m sure Andy would have loved her.

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Back To School

I first met sexy student Dani during London Fashion Week a few seasons ago…we met up the other day at the Standard Hotel before heading over to the DVF show in the tents. I love the nerd-glasses-meets-sheer-black-fabric look I often see her in these days…naughty girl. xx

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