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Dot Dot Dot…

Hi – I’m heading out to JFK later today to fly out to Stockholm Fashion Week by Berns…I’ll be shooting street fashion in Copenhagen too. Look for my Stockholm photos starting on Monday! For now, I’ll leave you with the last of my summer flashback looks – some flirty polka dot business from the ‘burg. Have a great weekend everyone! xx Mr. Newton

Summer Girl – Shannon

I love her shirt that she made herself and the hints of purple and pink lingerie underneath…but mostly I like this photo because of the late afternoon summer light and the warm breeze that’s blowing through her hair. On a cold January day, this photo of Shannon reminds me not only what summer looks like, but what it feels like as well…


Summer Flashback – The Pool Parties

OK – so there’s no pool and it’s not really a party. It’s more of a get together…or an outdoor concert…or a weekly festival. Whatever they want to call it though, the weekly outdoor summer happenings in East River Park in Williamsburg are one of my fave things about summer in the city. I was there nearly every weekend last summer (I missed the first one) and – great news – the organizers have recently been given the green light to do it all again for summer 2010. Nice one New York City. (Some other things I’m looking forward to next summer in NYC are Shake Shack Nolita and the secret Dumpster pool kids possibly getting permits to take their pool parties to a wider audience – a real pool party!) For now, let’s pretend it’s not winter and check out some street fashion photos I shot in and around The Pool Parties – summer 2009. xx Mr. Newton







Red Shoe Diaries

On the street last July in Williamsburg…it’s the middle of winter now (yuck)…but here at Mr. Newton, we’re still flashing back to summer! xx


Romper Stomper

Spotted at Bands In The Burg aka the Pool Parties, August 2009, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Rompers, playsuits, onesies – whatever you want to call them, I love them all – and if you are wearing one, there’s a good chance that I will want to take your photo. Did I mention that it’s still summer flashback week here on Mr. Newton?? I still have so many photos from last summer that I want to share with you guys…we might have to extend this week for a few more days! More hott weather photos soon… xxx


The Perfect Summer Outfit

The headline of this post really says it all.

(But if I were inclined to say something more it would be something like: “The classic oxfords, the little lace-trimmed socks, the slightly flowy pale grey skirt, and especially the adorable sleeveless ruffly top – this is one easy, breezy, cool look she’s put together here. The muted palette practically cools me down just by looking at it – great for a steamy August afternoon. Ruffles and lace are both going to be hot trends for spring/summer 2010. Simple-yet-effective dressing at its best…

Summer Flashback – A Retro Cutie

Sigh – cuties looking cute while rocking cute thrift store-sourced outfits is one of the things I miss most about summer. In warm weather, Williamsburg is literally crawling with vintage-inspired hottness - but even so, she stood out from the retro hordes. The bowl-head haircut, the face, the sunglasses on top of the head, the tight little body, the clingy tank top, the denim short shorts, the freakin’ ice cream – she looks like she just stepped out of the back of a van in a low-budget-yet-stylish 1970′s cop movie. Love…

Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair

A loose fitting acid tie-dyed top, perfectly mussed hair, and a flower headband…spotted at The Pool Parties, Williamsburg, summer 2009. This sort of look is usually not my thing – but wowzers, she’s got hippie-chic nailed, no? A heartbreaker for the new Summer of Love… xx

Summer Flashback – Bands In The Burg


Ahh – summer in the ‘burg and the livin’ is easy. Hi – how’s it going? I don’t know about you, but sometimes in the winter my patience for cold weather comes to an end long before the cold weather itself actually comes to an end. So far this winter, the weather in New York has been pretty mild…but not mild enough for me…because I like it really mild…as in warm…in fact, forget warm – I like my weather steaming hot. This week on Mr. Newton then please join me as I flashback to summer twenty-oh-nine. Enough with coats and gloves and sweaters and scarves…let’s see some denim shorts and rompers and bikini tops! All week long this week, I’ll be posting photos from July and August, 2009. None of these photos have appeared before on this blog or anywhere else…I’ve been saving them for a rainy (cold, freezing) day. So today, here’s a bunch of my summer street fashion photos from Bands In The Burg…umm, that’s my nickname for the Jelly Pool Parties. I missed the first show of the season, but otherwise I was there every Sunday – from dancing in the rain to Girl Talk to nodding heads along with Jay-Z and Beyonce in the VIP for Grizzly Bear. I’ll be posting more photos from The Pool Parties later this week…for now you can read more about the summer “pickup scene” in East River Park here… xx Mr. Newton