Fancy A Shag?

…a shaggy fur vest I mean. What did you think I was talking about? Spotted in New York – her vest is by Sonia Rykiel. Generally accepted fashion wisdom would say that this piece should be worn with black skinny jeans and motorcycle boots. I really like what she’s doing here with the knee-length dress and tights though…the skinnies/moto/shaggy combo feels more fashion-clone, “Sex and the City” to me. Here it’s still an eye-catcher but looks more casually tossed on what-this-old-thing-ish…xx Mr. Newton

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My Shorty

Hi – one of my fave trends so far this fall/winter has to be the short-sleeved coat. I mean let’s be real – it’s a cute fashion item – but not very practical. Guess what though? I like cute fashion items! I like people who aren’t practical! If I wanted to be practical all the time I wouldn’t even live in New York. People from all over the world ride around this city on tour buses and stare at us because we’re all fashionable yet not very practical! I think it’s great. xx Mr. Newton (FYI – I spotted Garance below wearing her fantastic dark camel MaxMara in October in the Tuileries, Paris – the mystery girl on the right was wearing a black poof sleeve by Giambattista Valli last week in Nolita, NYC.)

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A Country Gentleman On Crosby Street

Bill Shakespeare once wrote – “To thine ownself be true.” While Shakespeare wasn’t much of a fashion critic, he certainly seemed to know a thing or two about life. As far as applying this advice to personal style choices…ehh, I have mixed feelings about that. On the runway and the street, I’ve seen some great things happen when people are adventurous…daring…taking chances. Still though, when you think of style icons, one of the main things that ties them all together is that they seem to have this unerring sense of whether a look suits them or not. Style-wise, if not life-wise, they seem to know exactly who they are and what works for them…and even though they pull clothes and accessories from a variety of sources, they never lose this sense of self. For example – there are lots of guys walking around NYC at the moment who haved watched There Will Be Blood a few too many times…and if it doesn’t naturally suit you…well, like anything else, “turn-of-the-century-stylish-country-rogue” can quickly devolve into “Halloween costume”. I had to shoot this guy’s photo below though because I think he really owns this look. He’s not even attempting this look full-on mind you…it’s the hair, the facial hair, the fedora, just the air about him and the way he was carrying himself.


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