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Better Off As Two

Do you ever wonder if sometimes two people decide to hang out not because they actually have lots in common, but just because they look so darn cute together? On the street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn…

Step Into The Light

I was chatting with my friend Michelle about the vintage Victorian-era tophat she was wearing while doing her errands in Williamsburg when I noticed how the sunlight was hitting this metal side of a building nearby…the building was throwing off this blinding shaft of light from the sun that was hitting this graffiti-covered wall across the street from us. It was almost like there was a spotlight or studio light being thrown on the wall. I grabbed Michelle and said, “hurry stand here, I want to shoot your photo”. xx Mr. Newton


Shades Of Greige

I love how flesh and grey, pink and grey, and especially red and grey go so well together…even if it’s just a great shade of red lipstick you’ve paired with your grey salt-and-pepper sweater coat. On Bedhead – sorry – I mean Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, her glam lipstick added just a touch of chic to her otherwise indie rocker-friendly ensemble.

Keepin’ ‘em Laced

I love sheer black floral lace stockings…spotted while biking through the no man’s land between Williamsburg and D.U.M.B.O….xxx


Fashion Loves Art

Hey – when Vlad Roitfeld curates an art opening it sort of feels like being backstage at a runway show…except with less naked people running around and not so much yelling into headsets. Other than that though it’s pretty similar. Last night at the old Essex Street meat market on the Lower East Side…xo

Empire State Of Mind

She’s making it on Broadway…how about you? (Thanks to the kids at Refinery 29 for featuring my fall New York street fashion photos on their site today…) xx

Sex Jeans and Denim Dreams

I love Uffie and I love this new official video for “Pop The Glock”. Yeah the track has been floating around the internet for almost 4 years (I was still DJing full-time when this came out…the NYC store where I bought the import vinyl 12′ doesn’t even exist anymore) but so what, this track and the new video both rock! I’m sure the Ed Bangers crew decided to make this video now because her first album – called Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans, great title – is finally dropping on February 14th, 2010 aka Valentine’s Day. There are apparently loads of new tracks on the album but for now they are reheating the hype off this, her best known track. I love the girls in this video, the clothes, the slutty-make-out-party vibe of the whole thing. My friend who worked on the vid told me it was shot in West Covina – a suburb of L.A. – but basically it makes me miss the Coachella fest and the house parties that are always so much fun during that weekend. My favorite bit is the very end – the shot of her bum crack and Andre tagging her back – zexxy! xx Mr. Newton

Silently Flowing

On a recent beautiful fall morning in New York – her muted color combination seemed perfectly suited for the brief quiet time when the early morning garbage trucks have finished, but most shops have not yet opened for the day. Love the modern-yet-uber-feminine layering and the haircut too…xx


Hungry Like The Wolf

A sexy beast…loose on the streets of Soho…xx