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Recession? What Recession?

Hey – I hope everyone is having a great Black Friday and finding lots of fashionable bargains! Spotted recently on lower Broadway…doing her bit to encourage global economic recovery… xx


Flea Circus

Hi there – step right up…see wildly colorful vintage clothes…antique furniture…bric-a-brac…retro junk…great food vendors…nouveau Navajos…bloodsucking freaks…this past weekend was sadly the last of the season for the Brooklyn Flea. I’ve been going nearly every weekend the past few months. (It’s one of the best places to escape the tourist crowds and mingle with other creative/artistic-minded New Yorkers.) I shot these photos at the Fort Greene flea on Saturday…they’ve also been in Dumbo every Sunday. They haven’t announced the date yet, but coming soon after the holidays will be the indoor Winter Flea – in Dumbo only. That usually launches in mid-to-late January. xx Mr. Newton






Street Muse – Francesca

There are so many beautiful and fashionable girls wandering around New York and other fashion capitals…and most of them are not models, but just normal girls going about their daily business…the street muses. I really appreciate each and every one of them and the effort they make towards making our cities better (cooler, prettier, more interesting) places to live. Today I present for your consideration – Francesca. xx



Eye Of The Tiger

Hi – so I’ve already been to two parties this week…but there’s always time for one more good one, right?? If you’re in New York tonight, this one should be fun…


To Sleep, Perchance To Party…


Hi Hi Hi…oh my gosh, been so busy this week…shooting street style…family in town…shot two parties…did some great vintage shopping i.e. scored an awesome military parka, flannel shirt, and cool old brown leather camera bag…saw old friends…made new ones. Last night I was out at the Creative Time slumber party at the Ace Hotel – Casey Spooner and Lauren Flax DJed and Patrick Cleandenim rocked a live performance in the middle of the dance floor. Me to Casey Spooner – “Remember when Ministry of Sound flew you guys to London on the Concorde to sign your record deal?” Casey – “Yeah.” Me – “That was awesome.” Me to Brian Wolk of Ruffian – “Remember when you guys sent all of your models out wearing sheer black polka dot body stockings?” Brian – “Yeah.” Me – “That was awesome.” I’m paraphrasing here of course but only slightly. I swear I’m great at party conversation… xx Mr. Newton













Sweet and Tender Hooligans

We’ve really had a gorgeous fall so far here in New York. This has been great except that when we have an especially nice weekend (as we did last weekend), the crowds in Manhattan can be unbearable. When this happens, Mr. Newton’s usual reaction is to drag heavy furniture in front of his door, watch lots of movies, read, bid on stuff on Ebay…and wait for Monday to roll around when the streets of Manhattan are handed back to the artists. Sometimes though – like this past weekend – the weather is just too nice to stay inside…so he’ll bike past the lookie loos and head over the bridge to the ‘burg…a magical land with cafes, flea markets, record stores, and taco trucks…where everyone is cute and no tour buses crowd the streets. xx Mr. Newton


Flags Of Our Fathers

In a schoolyard in Williamsburg…I love both of their looks but of course it was her vintage Moschino boy shorts that first caught my eye…xo


Pale Ontologist

On the street in Williamsburg last weekend…either she’s on point with the nouveau Navajo trend or I’ve been listening to “Thunderbird” by The Golden Filter way too much and am now starting to see things…xx


Saturday In The Park

aww…bless…spotted last Saturday near McCarren Park in Williamsburg