Party In The U.S.A.


Hi – it’s Sunday afternoon at the Mr. Newton HQ. The team and I are getting ready to fly out to Paris on Tuesday/29th. (The team consists of two people – me and myself. Getting ready consists of – a laundry mountain. Just FYI.) Before I leave town though I want to post as many of my photos from New York Fashion Week as possible…I’ll be posting photos from Paris next week…but no sense in letting these New York photos just sit on my hard drive…I want to get them up here so you guys can see them! Here are my photos from Fashion’s Night Out. I mostly wandered all over Soho and the West Village that night…my first stop was the teenVogue runway show featuring a performance from The Pretty Reckless, i.e. The Tay Momsen Band…I then hit up Opening Ceremony’s block party and store party on Howard Street (they were selling Band of Outsiders bow ties out of an old truck while the DJs banged “Party In the U.S.A.” by Miley – fun times)…then I wrapped up the night hanging with my pals at the Prada store party featuring The Rapture. xx Mr. Newton

















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A Love Supreme


So we’ve just recently finished with another Fashion Week show season here in New York…the women’s S/S 2010 ready-to-wear shows. I was around at lots of shows and parties…and out and about snapping street style shots as well, of course! Just today in fact, the cool kids over at Refinery 29 are using my photos for a feature they put together about the best street style looks this season in New York. I’m going to also recap my NYFW photos here at Mr. Newton – including photos that never ran on Refinery. For starters, here are my photos from my first party this season – the Supreme Models party on the night before the shows started. It was a great rooftop party in West Chelsea…and some Mr. Newton favorites like Ranya and Daiane were hanging out…but with the September shows it’s always a bit strange how abrupt the transition is between beach and shows, the end of summer and the beginning of fall. xx Mr. Newton









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My First Time!

(Hey there…Mr. Newton here…so…long story short…web design and blog design and “taking customizable blogging software and tweaking it so that the design looks mostly unique” is pretty easy these days…but it’s not as easy as it looks. Therefore…in the development stage of my site a few weeks ago…somehow…my second post [“Wear The Wild Things Are”] was actually posted first…and now this post [“My First Time!”] is actually being posted second…we’ve now finished designing Mr. Newton…and I was going to delete WTWTA and then repost these first two posts in the correct order…but then, even though we were really still testing things out and working on the site, the WTWTA post started receiving some sweet comments…so I’m thinking, why delete this post – and therefore erase the comments on it permanently – just to have things in some sort of “order”? They say life is what happens while you’re busy making plans…and life started happening on Mr. Newton whether I was fully prepared for it or not! OK – so summer is over – it’s late September now – but this first post was saved as a draft and now I’m posting it anyway – because I like it and I like shooting photos at Coney Island. New photos are on the way – but for now, life comes first, rules and order second. x) Hi – umm, wow…it’s my first time posting to my new blog…and it’s kind of freaking me out a little! haha So how’s it going? Some of you already know me…as Eddie…henceforth known as Mr. Newton. Actually if you want to, you can still call me Eddie…I just couldn’t resist the urge to use the word “henceforth” in a sentence. There’s lots more I want to write, but it’s almost time for Labor Day weekend to kick off here in New York. I need to get out of the apt. and do summer stuff…beach, rooftop, photos, friends. Speaking of summer and the beach, here are some of my street style photos from Coney Island this summer. I’ll be posting some new fall street fashion shots soon enough – not to mention shots from the upcoming New York Fashion Week. For now though, I’m in no hurry to push summer out the door. More photos from summer in New York soon…xx Mr. Newton (Attention, person in the future – you have now tracked all the way back to the beginning of my blog. Thanks!)


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Wear The Wild Things Are

Hey – I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend – well, if you are reading this in the States at least! Otherwise I hope you had a nice regular weekend…or bank holiday…or something like that. I went to a dance party and BBQ on my friend’s roof in the ‘burg with an awesome view of the Empire State and Chrysler bldgs (the real twin towers)…DJed for a bit at the peak of the party (playing Ladyhawke, CSS, Empire of the Sun, Daft Punk, and LCD – the hits!)…ate two hamburgers…then we rode bikes to Manhattan at 4am and went to Wo Hop in Chinatown (a 1950’s era Chinese diner in a basement that’s open pretty much 24/7)…just normal stuff like that…a pretty standard Mr. Newton weekend. Earlier in the weekend I had attended the Weardrobe Fashion Blogger Conference at the posh Gramercy Park Hotel. I was a guest lecturer (not really) at the weekend long event where Weardrobe and sponsors like Buffalo Exchange flew in 19 top female fashion bloggers for a weekend of workshops, NYC shopping, and photo-ops. My lovely friend Jessica and the kids from Weardrobe were nice enough to invite me down to shoot everyone’s photo…so if you saw a guy walking around Gramercy Park with 19 cute girls in tow, umm that was me…briefly anyway. It was apparently enough of a scene to get us kicked out of Gramercy Park itself not once but twice! I mean really, who gets kicked out of a park? Photos below…xx Mr. Newton


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