1st Ave. + St. Marks – East Village, New York

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  1. I KNOW THIS GIRL!! Brittany has such a fabulous sense of style and she’s really nice!

  2. ugh, litas are the worst.

  3. hot girl, hot look 🙂

  4. With the exception of the fur, a nice summer look.

  5. Does every blogger in the world wear this outfit? Geez.

  6. @A – I hear ya – but I’m still crazy for this look and still love shooting it. I would place this look firmly in the category of, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Also – she’s not a blogger – she does look like one though.

  7. My favorite element of this photo is the composition x lighting. The girl is pretty but kind of average. It’s the photographer’s skill that (at least for me) makes this an extraordinary image.


  8. @ Emily – her name is Bailey.

  9. love the girl and her outfit, it’s a shame though she picks out the most ugly overrated shoes to go with it!

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